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cutting-edge and tailored solutions that Power your business operations

Enhanced operational Efficiency

Altiorem delivers automation that streamlines processes, saves time, and reduces errors, boosting productivity and performance.

Smart and Fast Decision Making

With our robust data analytics and real-time insights, Altiorem empowers leaders to make more accurate and rapid strategic decisions.

Adaptable Growth and Scalability

Altiorem’s solution evolves with your business, providing the necessary flexibility to effortlessly expand and adapt to market changes.

Altiorem's Tailored Approach

your vision, our expertise, a partnership for success

Personalized Setup

Full system implementation

We do not "Dump and Run". We have proven experience with software implementation as well as process change.

Tailored Solutions

Our systems adapt to you

We provide tailored solutions with comprehensive implementation plans to better suit your existing processes

Consultative Support

WITH YOU along the journey

Partner with Altiorem for continuous guidance and expert support tailored to drive your business forward.


Our Software is the Perfect Fit for Your Business Journey

Innovative SMEs

For the forward-thinkers and the trailblazers, Altiorem brings cutting-edge solutions that defy convention.

Startup Ventures

We equip new businesses with scalable systems to lay a strong foundation for growth.

Businesses with Operational Challenges

Altiorem transforms operational hurdles into smooth workflows for businesses in transition.

Cost-Conscious Enterprises

For established companies aiming to streamline and save, Altiorem is the partner in cutting costs without cutting corners.

In Any Industrie you might need

Aged Care
Health Industry
Patent and Trademarks
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About altiorem

Our passion is to create meaningful change for clients



At Altiorem, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge lead companies towards success.

Why Altiorem Existes

We are on a mission to Promote change

Our mission is to power businesses with cutting edge technology so they can enhance operations efficiency, take smart and fast decisions and expand and adapt to market changes.

HOW WE DO IT Differently

leveraging your uniqueness

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges. That's why at Altiorem, we are specialists at building tailor made solutions that meet your specific needs.

What we can do for you

Technology that supPort your goals

At Altiorem, we understand, develop, and implement tailored software systems that fit your needs, power your business operations, and support your goals.

"we ensure that your business vision is understood"

Edmond FOx, Founder & operations lead


A group of Young and talented entrepreneurs and engineers working alongside senior consultants

Edmond fox

Founder & operations lead

Matthew Erbacher

Founder & Client solutions manager

Richard Fox

Business Development & Strategy Lead


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Success Stories with Altiorem

Real Feedback from Clients Who've Transformed Their Operations with Altiorem

We were experiencing so many operational issues when we were making the move to the cloud. Nothing seemed to be working together. But the Altiorem team came on board and the admin work was cut in half.

THOMAS Martins

Project Manager / Director

The Altiorem team understands the importance of following Einstein’s philosophy of making systems as simple as possible and as complicated as necessary.

MARY Parker

Office Manager Law

It was a breath of fresh air dealing with a team that understood operational requirements as well as software systems. There was not the language barrier that we had experienced in the past.


Manager Aged Care

Altiorem's Guiding Principles

a seamless experience for your business. All our modules are built from the ground up to be


Our commitment to security means every module is fortified to protect your data and operations.


Designed with flexibility in mind, Altiorem's modules easily adapt to unique workflows.


Altiorem ensures rapid integration, accelerating your path to enhanced productivity.


Our intuitive interface invites users to engage effortlessly with Altiorem’s powerful modules.

Discover Altiorem’s Modules

Explore Our Suite of Customizable System Modules Designed for Every Aspect of Your Business

Safety Management

Prioritize Safety & Mitigate Risks
  • Incident Reporting & Analysis
  • Safety Audit Trails
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Hazard Prevention Strategies

Job Management

Enhance Job Execution & Drive Efficiency
  • Detailed Cost Tracking
  • Purchase Order Control
  • Real-time Job Reporting
  • Workflow Integration


Optimize Every Minute for Peak Productivity
  • Simplified Timecard Submission
  • Quick Approval Processes
  • Integrative Time Reporting
  • Efficient Reconciliation Systems

People Management

Develop Your Team & Drive Organizational Growth
  • Job Application Workflow
  • Centralized Employee Database
  • Uniform and PPE Tracking
  • Integrated Scheduling and Planning


Ensure Document Integrity & Accessibility
  • Centralized Document Registers
  • Streamlined Transmittal Processes
  • QA Document Controls
  • Automated Versioning and Archiving

Asset Management

Enhance Asset ROI & Longevity
  • Detailed Asset Registry
  • Proactive Compliance Management
  • Streamlined Asset Transfer System
  • Efficient Maintenance Scheduling


Enhance Patient Outcomes & Streamline Care
  • Hydration and Nutrition Tracking
  • Injury and Care Plans Management
  • Scheduling and Compliance
  • Resident and Patient Profiles


Master Your Matters & Optimize Operation
  • Unified Case and Task Dashboard
  • Time Recording for Accurate Billing
  • Categorization for Easy Retrieval
  • Docs Assembly and Management

Altiorem's Business Modules

a seamless experience for your business. All our modules are built from the ground up to be

Safety Management

For businesses prioritizing workplace safety and compliance

Elevate Workplace Safety to Unprecedented Levels

  • Employee Sign-On Process: Streamline onboarding, ensuring immediate comprehension of safety protocols.
  • Incident Reporting: Accelerate and enhance accuracy of incident reporting for swift action.
  • Hydration and D&A Management: Promote a healthier work environment with proactive health management.

Job Management

For teams looking to streamline job execution and tracking

Optimize Job Execution with Comprehensive Management Tools

  • Streamlined Cost Tracking: Monitor and control job costs in real-time for better budget management.
  • Efficient Purchase Order System: Simplify procurement with an integrated order management solution.
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting: Enhance decision-making with detailed financial reports and stock management insights.


For businesses aiming to maximize time utilization and productivity

Maximize Efficiency with Advanced Time Management Solutions

  • Simplified Timecard Submission: Streamline the submission process with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Quick Timecard Approval: Accelerate approvals with automated workflows and notifications.
  • Accurate Timecard Reporting: Gain insights into workforce productivity with detailed reports.

People Management

For businesses focused on optimizing human resource processes

Maximize Team Potential with Integrated People Management

  • Simplified Job Applications: Streamline recruitment with an efficient job application process.
  • Comprehensive Qualification Tracking: Ensure qualifications are up-to-date with automated management.
  • Efficient Crew Scheduling: Optimize workforce allocation with advanced planning and scheduling tools.

Document Management

For businesses seeking efficiency in documentation control and access

Maximize Team Potential with Integrated People Management

  • Unified Document Registers: Centralize your documents for easy access and management.
  • Efficient QA Management: Elevate quality assurance with streamlined document control.
  • Detailed Punchlist Tracking: Keep track of project all your tasks and resolutions effectively.

Asset Management

For businesses aiming to maximize the value and lifespan of their assets

Optimize Asset Utilization and Compliance with Precision

  • Centralized Asset Register: Keep track of all assets in one accessible, organized system.
  • Automated Compliance Management: Ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly across all assets.
  • Seamless Asset Transfer: Simplify the transfer process of assets with an intuitive system.

Health Management

For healthcare facilities aiming to elevate patient care and health oversight

Advance Your Health Management for Superior Care and Safety

  • Proactive Hydration Tracking: Ensure optimal hydration levels with our intuitive management system.
  • Effective Injury and Care Management: Streamline injury reporting and care plan implementation for rapid response.
  • Integrated Medication and Resident Management: Simplify medication schedules and resident care with seamless tracking tools.

Matter Management

For legal teams and service professionals focused on meticulous case and matter organization

Elevate Your Organizational Efficiency with Sophisticated Matter Management

  • Streamlined Case and Task Management: Organize and prioritize tasks and cases for improved workflow and productivity.
  • Accurate Time Recording: Capture and analyze time spent on tasks for better resource allocation.
  • Automated Document Handling: Simplify document processing with automation for accuracy and speed.

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